Dr. Gangrene Has A Pricey Prescription For You – The Fantastic Films Of Vincent Price

dgI’ve been meaning to run a feature on this for quite a while now, really ever since it started, but somehow it got away from me, and now that Doc has just posted his 50th episode, it seems time to finally get around to it.

For around a year and a half now, Nashville’s own Horror Host Dr. Gangrene has been producing a web series which he is calling “The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price“. It’s a wonderful overview of the entire career of the delightful actor, and the good Doctor is definitely giving him every bit of attention that he deserves. One might assume from the title that he might be hitting only the highlights of Mr. Price’s career, but that is far from true. As a matter of fact, it’s clearly obvious that Doc has done his homework and, moving through Price’s career in chronological order, he is spotlighting not only those films that would come to make Mr. Price a household name and a genre icon, but those smaller roles that helped to build his career early on, beginning with the first episode which focuses on Vincent’s role in 1938’s Service de Luxe.

As you can tell, The Doc clearly loves his subject matter, and his enthusiasm for the work of Mr. Price comes through clearly in each episode, even when the focus is on those not-so-great films which are inevitably a part of any prolific actor’s career.

Another truly fun aspect of this series are the movie stills and posters and classic television ads featuring Mr Price which follow the credits in each episode.

Whether you’re already a Vincent Price fan or are largely unfamiliar with the iconic actor’s work, I highly recommend giving The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price website a visit and taking a look around and watching at least a few episodes, as I have no doubt that you will not only come away with a new knowledge of and appreciation for just what made Mr. Price so dear to so many of us.

Speaking of dear, why not take a final look at the web series with Dr. Gangrene’s take on one of my all-time favorite Price movies (and one of his, too, which is really no surprise), House on Haunted Hill, a movie which you may see referred to here again soon.

Fantastic? Yes.


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